Apple Picking New Jersey: Advice from a Local Farmer

Come pick the freshest apples on our family run/owned NJ farm

Apples, with their myriad varieties, tantalizing tastes, and crunchy textures, are among the most beloved fruits worldwide. Whether you're planning to enjoy them straight from the tree, drenched in luscious caramel, or baked in a delicious pie, knowing how to pick the right apple at the right time is essential. Before visiting our pick-your-own-apples farm in NJ, here are some indispensable tips to guide you through your apple-picking journey.

Top Three Apple Picking Rules to Follow

  1. Work from the Outside In: The location of the apple on the tree can hint at its ripeness. Apples that sit on the outer branches tend to ripen first, so begin your harvest there. As the season progresses, move inward to ensure you always pick the most mature fruits. An essential thing to remember is that once an apple is picked, the ripening process halts. Hence, it's vital to ensure that the fruit reaches its peak of perfection before plucking.
  2. Master the Picking Technique: Contrary to popular belief, picking apples isn't just grabbing and pulling. The right way to do it is to roll the apple upwards off its branch and give a gentle twist. You'll know you've picked a ripe apple if its stem detaches smoothly from the spur of the branch. Avoid tugging the apple directly away from the tree. And most importantly, resist the temptation to shake the branches. Even a mild shake can lead to a cascade of apples plummeting to the ground. Not only can this result in bruised fruits – neither pleasant for consumption nor aesthetically pleasing – but it can also lead to significant food wastage.
  3. Handle with Care: Bruising is the bane of fresh apples. Not only does a bruised apple deteriorate faster, but it can also accelerate the rotting process in nearby apples. Storing your apples cautiously is equally crucial once you've carefully picked them. Whether using the orchard's plastic bags, a reusable tote, or a rustic wooden basket, gently place the apples inside. Consider researching storage guidelines specific to each fruit type to know how long your apples and other fresh produce will last.

Get the Best Apples NJ has to Offer

Apple picking in New Jersey is a delightful activity that combines the joys of being in nature with the anticipation of savoring fresh produce. Following these tips will ensure you have fun and bring home the best apples the orchard offers. Happy picking!

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