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Peterson Farm | 438 Quakertown Road | Flemington | New Jersey 08822 | 908.782.0707

Silver Queen Sweet Corn is in!
An old fashioned variety - sweet and delicious.
Jake picks fresh every morning.
Available self-serve from the stand at the end of the lane.

  $6 per Dozen


Order 50 or 100 ears for a big party or for freezing.  Call the farm 2 or 3 days ahead.

To freeze corn, I use a large turkey fryer.  Husk the corn.  Bring a large pot of water to a bowl.  Place about a dozen ears in at a time.  Once it just starts to boil again, remove all the corn with long tongs, and immediately plunge them in a large tub full of cold water.  You don't want to "cook" the corn, you just need to  to stop the sugars from turning to starch.  Cut the kernels off the corn with a sharp knife.  Fill quart freezer bags and press out all the air.  Place flat in freezer ASAP.  Enjoy all year long!

OK.  It was a great year for strawberries, and the season is over.  Our work is not done yet.  We renovate the fields in preparation for next year.  Before winter, straw is spread all over the plants.  Come spring we have to get the irrigation going.  In the meantime, we do grass hay, wheat, oats, straw, alfalfa hay, sweet corn, soybeans, Christmas Trees, and all the regular farm stuff! 

Have a great summer everyone! 

ENJOY all those frozen berries and all that jam!



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